The terms and conditions for the use of the Customer (“User Agreement”) relate to your use of the Rounds Application (referred to as “Rounds”, “Platform”, or “Application”) and is operated by a Ghayam Trading Company, a limited liability company established in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its address is (referring to it by “us”).

About Rounds
Rounds is a unique online ordering platform where users can easily order from nearby stores or online stores from different markets within a competitive and transparent environment.

Rounds does its best efforts to apply the highest standards in the platform to ensure the quality of products offered by partner stores, and is considered to be the consumer protection shop and fighting commercial fraud from the foundation pillars of the platform. However, However, this does not mean that a person who sells or intervenes in any way in the production, import or storage of any product is responsible for complying with laws, regulations and standards applicable in the country or region, which relate exclusively to the manufacture, marketing and validity of the products on the sole partner store that does The sale of products through the platform and Rounds makes no warranty in any way on the primary and final partner store products, components, quality, source, preparation, validity and quality. The Partner Store is obliged to ensure that the products offered to the application matches the images, descriptions and prices with the products actually sold to the Customer and is considered the right of the Customer to claim a refund or replacement if it has acquired, in contrast to the images, description, price, or there is a problem or defect as applicable In locally applied consumer protection laws, The Rounds Platform disclaims responsibility for compensation, recovery and replacement matters and confine itself to the right to intervene, rectify and apply what it deems appropriate without recourse to any party. Some partner stores may have a policy on retrieval, switching, and compensation issues so please contact them (partner stores) to know about them. All products are subjected to availability where the partner store can adjust the order or provide an alternative product to a product that has been or cannot be supplied in its sole discretion based on your consent by contacting you via your contact number and your registered number on record. If there is no response, the partner store may cancel the product or provide a replacement product.

Our goal is to improve our delivery service to your order at the very least, but we should consider that sometimes conditions may occur, including but not limited to traffic or weather conditions, which may prevent the partner store from achieving our goal. Rounds does not offer any guarantees concerning time of delivery and it is the responsibility of the pick-up and drop off process to the partner store that has agreed to accept and complete the order. The partner store will take all possible means to meet the specified delivery time, however the delivery time may be affected by factors beyond its control and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The delivery time set for you is the expected time from the partner store to deliver your order, and considering prayer times as well as the conditions that our partner store may encounter during the processing time and delivery process. Into account. We will always do our best to make sure that your order will arrive in the shortest time possible. Ensure that your order address is correct ensures that your products arrive at the right place as well as at the right time. Rounds will not have any liability or obligation resulting from an address error, and the customer will only be solely responsible for ensuring that the address is correct prior to making the request and will therefore bear any action or costs if there is an address error. Nor shall the Rounds be liable for any unsatisfactory or delayed delivery or performance, loss or damage. There may be a delivery fee for immediate or scheduled requests. Once you submit the application, you agree to the invoice delivery fee and are obligated to pay it to the partner store or its representative. The partner store is the one who determines whether or not there is a delivery fee and also determines its value and sets a shop by selecting the upper and lower ceiling of the delivery fee.

When you submit an application request by clicking on the “execute order” button, Rounds will receive and pass your order to the partner store, in turn it will accept or cancel your order and you can see this from the status of the order. The order operator is required to review the order before it is executed as if the order is accepted a contract will be created between you and the partner store providing you with the order content at the address indicated by the order. The partner store and its partners are entitled to leave, five minutes after the driver arrives at your address if there is no response or no response to our contact number and the customer will be charged the cost of the request.
Price and Paying
The price of each product will be clear on our service. Prices may differ from one store to another. Prices may change at any time, but this change will not affect the current order. The partner store has the right to edit or cancel the order, in case that there is an error on product price, and you will be informed about that, as well as you will not pay any fees or costs for it. It is the sole responsibility of the partner store to enter, change and modify the price, images, details and description of the product. Payment for all orders is made by cash payment, card upon receipt, wallet or postpaid payment service. Upon confirmation of your order paid from the wallet, the wallet will be debited and paid directly to us and then sent by us to the partner store. We have authorized by our partner stores to accept the payment on their behalf, and you will be charged any amount to us that will remove you from the obligation to pay this amount to the partner store. Some parties may charge an additional amount to allow delivery of the order to the user in which case the user will be charged any additional amount.

Cancellation& Refund Policy
You have the right to cancel your order, as well as it is not accepted by the partner store. If you want to cancel your order after it has been accepted, you can contact the partner store directly to ask for cancellation. You will not incur the cancellation costs if the order has not yet been received and the customer may incur the cost of the order after the cancellation request in some cases. Only Rounds determines whether the cost of the order is calculated on the customer or not. Only Rounds has the right to suspend or cancel membership should the application be continued. Rounds and the partner store have the right to cancel any order and you will be notified when the order is canceled. Customers are responsible to acknowledge the partner store refund policy before placing any order as each parter store has a different refund policy.

The wallet is the perfect way to make your purchase easy and manage your budgets. Each customer registered in Rounds has the ability to access the store and ship it through the available shipping options that may differ from country to another. With your wallet, you can purchase from partner stores that allow purchase from your wallet or transfer an amount to another registered customer wallet. Rounds does not commit to providing you with paper receipts or other line acknowledgments relating to the transaction between you and the partner store through your e-wallet. Only the customer is responsible for reviewing his records to ensure that all the purchasing operations that were made through the wallet are correct. If for any reason your wallet balances become negative, you authorize the automatic use of any funds you want, including but not limited to adding funds to the wallet or funds received from the transfers in order to return the wallet’s balance to zero in the discounted currency. Rounds has the right to refuse any operation performed through its platform, including operations performed by the wallet, and reserves the right to suspend or freeze the use of the wallet for any reason without notice. Rounds make no representation or guarantee that your wallet account is in good standing, or that we will authorize or approve any related purchases or transfers. By using the wallet to make purchases or transfers, you authorize Rounds to use your account with your own account to complete payment to the partner store or its transferring customer and process your wallet’s debit payments for purchase or transfer. You are responsible for reviewing your operations activity to determine if there are any unauthorized errors or operations and acknowledge to inform Rounds in such cases. Rounds has the right to restrict the upper limit of the wallet’s balance and the upper limit of daily purchases at any time without notice. When you use the wallet You acknowledge that you are responsible for every operation you carry out in the wallet, acknowledge that you do not carry out any suspicious operations or that you are considered to be manipulated by the laws and regulations provided by the State and undertake to report any operation that may be suspicious. You acknowledge that all transactions in the wallet are either between you and the partner store or transfers from the wallet to another customer wallet with whom you have a personal ID.
All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties. We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in SAR.

Dafter Service (Postpaid Payment Service)
Rounds’s postpaid payment service (“Dafter” or “postpaid”) is an exclusive and innovative payment method that we are proud to be the first to offer this new service locally and globally. Through the Dafter service, the user can purchase directly from partner stores who accept this payment method. The postpaid payment service is linked to your own wallet. All registered customers can take advantage of this service. The partner store is the only one who is responsible for accepting or rejecting Dafter account requests, making available or discontinuing the service at any time and ensuring that your request to open a new postpaid payment service account is accepted, we recommend that you contact the partner store and obtain its consent before submitting the request. Once a postpaid payment service request has been submitted and accepted by the partner store, a contract agreement is opened between you and the partner store by allowing you and those whom you have shared the account with to purchase from the partner store to the agreed limit of the Dafter account and by paying the purchases recorded on the Dafter in advance. The Partner Store may modify the registration cap, freeze or terminate a postpaid payment service at any time without consulting the customer. The customer can pay fully or partially for his Dafter parcheses amount at any time, the value of the debt is not required to reach the upper limit, the amount can be paid directly from the wallet balance, or the payment can be made in cash to the partner store, and the responsibility to verify the payment and clear the amount paid from the Dafter recorded parcheses in this case to the customer only. If you are not able to pay one postpaid payment or more, the partner store may report a failed payment request which may result in a refund being deducted from your wallet, your access to this service being frozen, your account in the application frozen, or/or a legal claim for payment of the defaulting amount under the agreement contract. The partner store can manually record manually on the postpaid account for purchases made outside of the application and the customer will receive a notification in this case. You are responsible for reviewing each transaction that is recorded to your postpaid account and for objecting to the partner store if there is an error within 36 hours of the time the amount is credited. The customer can share the postpaid payment service with other customers registered with the application where they can order, register and pay but remain responsible for payment and clear the value of purchases registered to the owner of the postpaid account. If the customer wishes to terminate and close the Dafter account, they are required to contact the partner store as only the partner store is authorized to perform such a transaction.

Rounds offers you order service from our partner stores. Each partner store has a specific delivery area. If you request an order to an area out of the delivery area, a message will appear to inform you that you are out of the delivery area. We do not accept delivery requests to an address for an area where there is no delivery option from partner stores. Opening hours will vary depending on local business conditions and the availability of our partner stores. Rounds has full right to suspend his services temporarily or permanently without prior notice and at any time, where Rounds will have no liability to his users or any other party. will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of Saudi Arabia.

Our Responsibilities
To the extent permitted by regulations and laws, Rounds provides you with the Application Service and its contents “as it is” and “as available” and we make no warranties or representations of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the Application Content, the availability of the Application, or it will be error-free or any defects will be corrected. This will not affect our promises that we will do our utmost and our ability to reach the required level. Rounds and Partner Stores will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential loss of contract, out of contract, arising from your use or inability to use our Service. In the event that Rounds or the partner store is responsible to you, our total liability will be limited to the prices of the products you purchased in your order. This does not include or limit the liability of Rounds or partner stores for any subject that would be illegal to take responsibility, such as in the event of death or personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or false data. Rounds has the power to stop services at maintenance and modernization times and technical errors may arise because of this or the inability to take advantage of temporary or permanent services, and Rounds does not provide any guarantees to inform you in advance, but there will be efforts to inform you. The application of Rounds is entitled to transfer any unpaid service to a monthly fee, an annual fee or a fee paid for each service provided or performed with the right to collect more than one fee at a time. Rounds is also entitled to change fees at any time it deems appropriate. Rounds will not be obligated or liable for any product or service provided that is unhealthy or illegal by the stores and that may cause injury, health or non-health damage, or that is not acceptable to buyers or government regulations or that do not comply with expectations in any way.
Coverage of agreement and commitment.
These terms and conditions shall include the agreement between you and us with respect to its subject matter and shall prevail over the full agreements, arrangements and understandings previously concluded between the parties with respect to this Agreement. The user will be liable to the legal question if he or she violates any of the provisions in this document and will indemnify any expenses and direct and indirect damages resulting from the violation of any or all of the terms of the agreement.

Our Right to Change These Terms and Conditions
Rounds has the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time, as well as it can edit, add or cancel any one of them. You are committed to act according to these terms and conditions, so it’s expected to visit this page from time to time, to be acquainted with any change.

Independence of Terms
If a term has been determined that it is non-formal and inapplicable, this will never affect the continuity of the rest terms effectively.

Concession and Uncontrolled Events
No party will be responsible about the other delaying or not to do its commitments regarding this agreement for any uncontrolled reason and this includes the following without restriction: Acts of God, government action, war, fire, flood, explosion, or civil disorder.

Law and Judicial Competence
Any dispute or claims arising out of, relating to these Terms or their subject matter (including disputes or non-contractual claims) or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabian. The courts of Saudi Arabia are those of the jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to any use of our services. Saudi Arabia is our country of domicile.

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