App features

Your Online Stores

Whither you have one store or more!
Manage all your business channels in one
accountwithout any tech expeirance.

Customers Order

Wither it is instant or sechadule! delivery
or pickup! a complete orders
management system in your hand.


Manage your products, stock, discounts
& offers, and prices within few simple

Multi Payment Options

Cash, Card on delivery, eWallet & Dafter?
All type of payment are available for you
to manage with eaise.

Delivery Time & Range

Add new delivery areas, change delivery
fees, and setup delivery schedules
whenever you want & at any time.

Store eWallet

Receive your online payments for your
customers’ orders easily, and collect
amounts directly into your bank account.


Make it easy for your customers to order and pay later with our innovative post paid payment service "Dafter" that save everyone rights at all times.


No matter how big is your business!
assign your staff
to manage store, orders and delivery
from thier accounts.


Build your own delivery fleet!
you can assign delivers to your store
in one single step.


Spice your business by offering your customers discount coupons.

Instant Refund

a safe free feature that allow you to refund your customers order amounts easily instantly.

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